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9/18/2020 at Huset's Speedway - Brandon, SD

360 Sprints - Winged: Midwest Power Series
DeKalb/Asgrow Midwest Power Series presented by GRP Motorsports and Midwest Sprint Touring Series presented by Casey's General Store competing for a $5,000-to-win top prize along with the RaceSaver sprint cars. PITS OPEN @ 2:00 PM GATES OPEN @ 4:00 PM HOT LAPS @ 7:00 pm GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY @ https://www.etix.com/ticket/online/upcomingEventSearch.do?method=venueSearch&country=US&language=en&package_id=9755356&venue_id=16841

Clint Garner

360 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 593.77212DNF
Heat 4Time: 491.6433rd
Qualifying 2Time: 12.121129th
Hot Laps 2Time: 12.1211215th

360 Sprints - Winged

A Feature

25 laps | 00:11:06.885
13Shane GolobicFremont, CA17W
25Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
310Austin McCarlAltoona, IA99
47Eric LutzSioux Falls, SD5
52Lynton JeffreyPrairie City, IA83
614Tim KaedingSan Jose, CA3
718Brooke TatnellSan Souci, NSW14
88Gregg BakkerSioux Falls, SD11X
917Dominic ScelziFresno, CA41S
104Matt JuhlTea, SD09
116Dusty ZomerBrandon, SDACE
1215Trey StarksPuyallup, WA44S
1321Lee GroszWatertown, SD4J
1419Jason MartinLiberal, KS82
1516Kyle OffillTracy, CA88
1620Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14R
1711Cody HansenNunda, SD4
1824James BrotyLonsdale, MN33
1923Chris MartinAnkeny, IA44
2022Cody LedgerOmaha, NE35L
21 (DNF)12Clint GarnerSioux Falls, SD40
22 (DNF)9Justin HendersonTea, SD83M
23 (DNF)1Carson McCarlAltoona, IA27
24 (DNF)13Skylar ProchaskaLakefield, MN35

B Feature

10 laps | 00:06:15.884
11Lee GroszWatertown, SD4J
22Cody LedgerOmaha, NE35L
38Chris MartinAnkeny, IA44
44James BrotyLonsdale, MN33
56Chris GrafGlencoe, MN20G
65Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
77Terry McCarlAltoona, IA81
816Tommy BarberBrandon, SD75
99Davey HeskinSt. Michael, MN56N
1011Justin JacobsmaHull, IA10J
113Colin SmithSheldon, IA05
1215Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101
1313Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
1410Adam GullionLincoln, NE21
1514Tim EstensonFargo, ND14T
1618Derrik LuskJackson, MN2
1712Javen OstermannCourtland, MN5X
1817C.J. JohnsonHarrisburg, SD31A

C Feature

10 laps | 00:03:35.502
11Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
23Tim EstensonFargo, ND14T
35Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101
47Tommy BarberBrandon, SD75
52C.J. JohnsonHarrisburg, SD31A
68Derrik LuskJackson, MN2
710Scott BrotyLonsdale, MN33B
89Clinton BrunsLittle Rock, IA7
9 (DNF)6Ben WoodsNewton, IA11B
10 (DNF)11Mike JohnstonDes Moines, IA14J
DNS-Kaleb JohnsonSioux Falls, SD22
DNS-Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD23W
DNS-Matt FredrichsenAurelia, IA57

Heat 1

10 laps | 00:02:01
11Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
22Matt JuhlTea, SD09
33Justin HendersonTea, SD83M
44Skylar ProchaskaLakefield, MN35
56Dominic ScelziFresno, CA41S
65Lee GroszWatertown, SD4J
79Chris GrafGlencoe, MN20G
87Davey HeskinSt. Michael, MN56N
98Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
1010Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101
1111Clinton BrunsLittle Rock, IA7

Heat 2

10 laps | 00:03:59
11Lynton JeffreyPrairie City, IA83
22Gregg BakkerSioux Falls, SD11X
33Austin McCarlAltoona, IA99
46Tim KaedingSan Jose, CA3
54Brooke TatnellSan Souci, NSW14
67Colin SmithSheldon, IA05
79Terry McCarlAltoona, IA81
88Adam GullionLincoln, NE21
910C.J. JohnsonHarrisburg, SD31A
1011Ben WoodsNewton, IA11B
11 (DNF)5Kaleb JohnsonSioux Falls, SD22

Heat 3

10 laps | 00:02:02
14Shane GolobicFremont, CA17W
23Eric LutzSioux Falls, SD5
31Cody HansenNunda, SD4
42Trey StarksPuyallup, WA44S
56Jason MartinLiberal, KS82
67James BrotyLonsdale, MN33
75Cody LedgerOmaha, NE35L
88Justin JacobsmaHull, IA10J
910Tim EstensonFargo, ND14T
109Tommy BarberBrandon, SD75
1112Scott BrotyLonsdale, MN33B
1211Mike JohnstonDes Moines, IA14J

Heat 4

10 laps | 00:08:09
14Carson McCarlAltoona, IA27
22Dusty ZomerBrandon, SDACE
33Clint GarnerSioux Falls, SD40
41Kyle OffillTracy, CA88
58Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14R
65Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
79Chris MartinAnkeny, IA44
811Javen OstermannCourtland, MN5X
910Matt FredrichsenAurelia, IA57
107Derrik LuskJackson, MN2
11 (DNF)6Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD23W

Qualifying Group A: Lineup

2 laps | 00:00:00
1C.J. JohnsonHarrisburg, SD31A
2Lee GroszWatertown, SD4J
3Lynton JeffreyPrairie City, IA83
4Davey HeskinSt. Michael, MN56N
5Gregg BakkerSioux Falls, SD11X
6Terry McCarlAltoona, IA81
7Dominic ScelziFresno, CA41S
8Chris GrafGlencoe, MN20G
9Tim KaedingSan Jose, CA3
10Kaleb JohnsonSioux Falls, SD22
11Matt JuhlTea, SD09
12Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
13Clinton BrunsLittle Rock, IA7
14Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
15Justin HendersonTea, SD83M
16Austin McCarlAltoona, IA99
17Brooke TatnellSan Souci, NSW14
18Colin SmithSheldon, IA05
19Ben WoodsNewton, IA11B
20Adam GullionLincoln, NE21
21Skylar ProchaskaLakefield, MN35
22Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101
23Troy SchreursBaltic, SD12

Qualifying Group B: Lineup

2 laps | 00:00:42
1Eric LutzSioux Falls, SD511.803
2Jason MartinLiberal, KS8212.203
3Mike JohnstonDes Moines, IA14J12.420
4Cody LedgerOmaha, NE35L11.949
5Scott BrotyLonsdale, MN33B12.375
6Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14R11.767
7Tommy BarberBrandon, SD7511.974
8Carson McCarlAltoona, IA2711.663
9Kyle OffillTracy, CA8811.894
10Javen OstermannCourtland, MN5X12.140
11Chris MartinAnkeny, IA4412.192
12Clint GarnerSioux Falls, SD4012.121
13Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD23W12.551
14Derrik LuskJackson, MN211.902
15James BrotyLonsdale, MN3311.945
16Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
17Cody HansenNunda, SD4
18Matt FredrichsenAurelia, IA57
19Dusty ZomerBrandon, SDACE
20Shane GolobicFremont, CA17W
21Trey StarksPuyallup, WA44S
22Justin JacobsmaHull, IA10J
23Tim EstensonFargo, ND14T

Hot Laps Group A

121Skylar ProchaskaLakefield, MN35
217Brooke TatnellSan Souci, NSW14
315Justin HendersonTea, SD83M
416Austin McCarlAltoona, IA99
511Matt JuhlTea, SD09
65Gregg BakkerSioux Falls, SD11X
712Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
83Lynton JeffreyPrairie City, IA83
92Lee GroszWatertown, SD4J
107Dominic ScelziFresno, CA41S
1110Kaleb JohnsonSioux Falls, SD22
129Tim KaedingSan Jose, CA3
134Davey HeskinSt. Michael, MN56N
1418Colin SmithSheldon, IA05
1514Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
1620Adam GullionLincoln, NE21
178Chris GrafGlencoe, MN20G
186Terry McCarlAltoona, IA81
1922Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101
201C.J. JohnsonHarrisburg, SD31A
2113Clinton BrunsLittle Rock, IA7
2219Ben WoodsNewton, IA11B

Hot Laps Group B

121Trey StarksPuyallup, WA44S
28Carson McCarlAltoona, IA27
36Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14R
41Eric LutzSioux Falls, SD5
519Dusty ZomerBrandon, SDACE
620Shane GolobicFremont, CA17W
717Cody HansenNunda, SD4
89Kyle OffillTracy, CA88
914Derrik LuskJackson, MN2
1015James BrotyLonsdale, MN33
114Cody LedgerOmaha, NE35L
1222Justin JacobsmaHull, IA10J
137Tommy BarberBrandon, SD75
1423Tim EstensonFargo, ND14T
1512Clint GarnerSioux Falls, SD40
1616Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
1710Javen OstermannCourtland, MN5X
1811Chris MartinAnkeny, IA44
192Jason MartinLiberal, KS82
2018Matt FredrichsenAurelia, IA57
215Scott BrotyLonsdale, MN33B
223Mike JohnstonDes Moines, IA14J
2313Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD23W